The Dead Sea

Another example of a declining water source is the Dead Sea. Located between Israel and Jordan the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth at 395 meters below sea level. But over the past fifty years the lowest point on earth has dropped to 410 meters below sea level. The flow of water into the Dead Sea decreased to 300 MCM a y
The Dead Sea is located between Jordan and Israel.
ear in 2000 from 1300 a year in the 1930’s.¹

Not only is this an environmental concern but it is also a religious concern. The area is of cultural and religious importance to Jews, Muslims and Christians. It is the location of Sodom and Gemorrah from the biblical period, the origin of John the Baptist, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found and it is the location of Masada. If these important historical were to be lost
The differences in the Dead Sea since the beginning of the centry to 1997.
, there would also be a loss of tourism in the area which would hurt the Middle East economy.¹

The impact on the decline of the Dead Sea is a lot slower then that of the Aral Sea but still of grave concern. Most of the deterioration has happened since 1970, the decline since then has been one meter a year. The decline has environmentally caused a decrease in wildlife, plant life, sinkholes, land quality and more worry about sources of water in the Middle East. Although there have not been any adverse affects to humans like in the Aral Sea region, the loss of the Dead Sea would be a loss in the mineral resources which provide exclusive medical and health benefits.¹

The concern of water resources in the Middle East is the original catalyst for the decline. Water was diverted from entering the Dead Sea to help address the fresh water demands in the area. Water and conserving it is one of the only topic’s which unifies the Middle East. Jordan and Israel are working together to promote and help the Red Sea-Dead Sea Peace Conduit (RSDSC). This project has designed a solution to not only help revive the water levels in the Dead Sea but to also provide more fresh water for the region. Water will be transported from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea to reverse negative effects that have already occurred and restore the area. The RSDSC also has a plan to create more fresh water through desalination projects which would immensely help the area.¹

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