CH 519 Environmental Chemistry University of Hartford Spring 2009


The CH 519, Applied Environmental Chemistry class at the University of Hartford will be building wiki pages to introduce supplemental content into our science-based course. Teams of three students will work together on various topics.

List of suggestions for wiki topics

Wiki Projects: First Round
Pharmaceuticals in Water
The Great Lakes by Ben, Katy and Rachel
Green Chemistry and Urethane Acrylate
Green Buildings Main Page

Wiki Projects: Second Round
Endocrine Disruptors
Clean Coal - Pros and Cons
Kyoto Protocol - Main Page
Renewable Energy - Geothermal

Wiki Projects: Final Round
Green Engineering
Biodiesel (Chris, James, Megan)
Alternative Energy
Living a Green Life (Ben, Katy, Rachel)

Assignment Four- Metals

Arsenic Pentoxide - Johnna
Beryllium Oxide - Ben
Chronic Acid/Chromium Trioxide- Rachel
Lead dioxide - Patrick
Aluminum Chloride - Katy
cupric oxide - Megan
Uranium and Uranium Hexafluoride- Enna
cobalt oxide - Steven
lithium carbonate - Stephanie
mercury chloride - Allison
Nickel sulfate - James
Barium Nitrate - Chris